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Anonymous said: Yoooouu should put some of yo amazin' simmies up for download

I was thinkin about it, but I get really attached  to my sims. I don’t know which ones I’d be willing to put up. I only put up Emma because I never actually play with her.  I want to but I never actually do.

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( ̄▽ ̄)ノ - we don’t talk but hi~

(●⌒∇⌒●) - you fab, senpai

(◕‿◕✿) - you’re cute

o(╥﹏╥)o - you make me nervous

(´ε` )♡ - i want to kiss you

ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ - i want to hug you

ヾ(-_-;) - you’re annoying

(>д<) - why won’t you notice me???

(¬д¬。) - i don’t like you, go away

(*´ェ`*) - i’m too shy to talk to you…

(´・ω・`) - ((anything you want to say/ask))


CutePlumbbies ShoutOut:

So this took me about two months and I have no idea why? Anyway, see this as a little followersgift teaser because I’m going to work on a huge followers gift ;)

I’ve listed some of my favorite simblrs, some are more popular than others, others are upcoming simblrs or simblrs I think deserve more love! I’m doing this because I think you all need to follow all of these simblrs because they’re all amazing and so talented! I’ve probably forgotten a few because that happens sometimes but don’t feel bad when you’re not listed below, I probably still love you hehe c;


a-pixel-perfect-world - aimeesimdesigns - alfalfalegacy 


berrysweetshoppe - bemykingofthesims - berrybobs - bonnypixels - bellesgrotto - beautifulplumbobs 


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I’m usually a kind of quiet follower, except with my all time faves but they probably know XD. I enjoy looking through all of your simblrs from time to time so keep up the great work! You all are my inspiration to come up with things everyday so I kinda love you all c; I love seeing all of your posts on my dash everyday!

thank you Q~Q

Anonymous said: 5 fave cc hairs and skins?

Er, I don’t actually have any favorite hair’s because not all of my sims will look good in just one hair. Skin on the other hand are different;

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Anonymous said: What's Levi's natural hair color then? : D Love the siblings!

This is actually really good question. I’ve thought about it, and at first I was like Levi’s natural hair color should be the same color as Ivory’s. But then I really thought it about, that would mean, he’d have to had to dyed his eyebrows, his beard thing he has going on, along with his hair. I thought that was weird, So I’m saying, he has a dark brown, which is his fathers hair color. Lol I should just make their parents but I don’t like creating anything other than young adults. Maybe I’ll create them as young adults anyways, I mean, I’ma kill them off anyways. Thank you by the way. :3

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And then there was three… Ivory is the youngest, Levi is the middle child, and Jenna is the oldest.

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Someone take CAS away from me, right now, because I made another one. Her name is Jenna. She’s suppose to look more like their mother. Levi and Ivory look like their father. Or well, that’s what I was going for anyways. 

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Anonymous said: Wcif the gauges?

I hope you’re referring to these


You can find these here. :3

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I made Levi a little sister, because I can. Her name is Ivory. :3

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