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Sorry, I got slightly distracted… or I would have posted this sooner. Anywho! We have a WINNER! Congratulations to bonnypixels! Pumpkin and Issca werelike head to head the entire time. I can’t wait to see Pumpkin and Piper together. I wanna thank everyone who participated. Thank you! :3



Isaac Sparkwood

"Hey Pipes, You don’t mind if I call you Pipes do you, Piper? I`m Japanese-American descent and am more Kawaii than any male that tries for your heart. I love video games, but I also love a good read. My favorite thing to do is eat, no regrets at all. I love intimate gestures, so if I hold your hand subconsciously I apologize in advance. My mother calls me her gentleman, but I`m just doing what all men should. If you have something to tell me I will listen closely, because I believe communication is key to all relationships. Well, that and intimacy.

I`m big on family, so I hope you plan on having children. I’ve always wanted a little girl, I’d spoil her rotten. A son would be nice too, I would teach him how to be a man and treat women with respect.

I joined this BC because I got tired of waiting for the right girl, then you came along and your beauty and personality swept me off my feet. I hope I can do the same in return”

Vote here for him to win the lovely Piper’s heart!

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The polls are up! They will end Wednesday, the 23, at 5 p.m. central time. I did set up a vote limit, you can vote every hour if you so wish to. The only sim that I haven’t reblog yet is Isaac Sparkwood. I’ll reblog it as soon as she puts something up.  


Pumpkin Moonshine

 Hello !

My name is Pumpkin, but you can also call me Pip. My friend got me into this competition over Piper’s heart. I heard she’s super adorable and I wish she likes me, I believe we could have a lovely future together.

Now about me…I like to cook and bake. It’s relaxing hobby you should try it sometime. I usually cook to myself but nothing makes me happier that cooking for others. 

I like walking on the beach when sun sets and skipping stones. I wish I could some day have home of my own and lovely wife and lots of kids and maybe even a dog named Chip.

I really wish that I could try to win Piper’s heart because I’ve been lonely for so long.

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Boy, I have been busy this weekend. I had nothing to do so I’ve had a nice weekend relaxing and making some sims. 

Preview for Tinysims’s Polka Dot’s BC. 
I think she still has spots left. You all should join. Piper is a cutie!

Jason Swan
(I’ll send him when I get the chance.)

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Spencer Webb for tinysims’ Piper Polka Dot’s Bachelorette Challenge!  

Spencer was raised as a proper gentleman, but had always had a bit of a dramatic side.  His parents, especially his father, tried to push him away from his true passion of acting, saying it wasn’t masculine enough for such a man, but he didn’t listen.  He hopes to become a world famous thespian someday and won’t let anything get in his way.  He’s been told by many that he’s a great kisser, but he hasn’t really had any other sort of luck in the dating world.  Spencer hasn’t been in any relationships lasting more than a month and he really wants to find that special someone and thinks it could definitely be Piper.  He hopes his schmoozing, smooth talking ways will help him win her over and that his brave tendancies will help him finally face his problems in the dating world.

Vote for Spencer to win Piper’s heart!

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emma by tinysims

i’m getting so many cute sims and it’s such a nice change from my angry, rugged man sims :P

Meh baby looks beautiful ;__;

These things are really cute. 

Because I’m playing with Piper in Oasis Landing, I figured she should look the part. I tried, Okay.

"Well this certainly isn’t home…”